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May 30, 2011

Hate is Killing US

Chris Hedges speaks about how the lack of understanding is killing our nation.
Most valuable 15 min I’ve spent in awhile.

Soon after 9-11 the late bin Laden wasted little time taking responsibility and explaining the reason for his group’s actions. It wasn’t because they ‘hated us for our freedoms’ as Mr. Mission Accomplished said. The 2 main reasons as I recall were 1) the embargo of Iraq during the Bush I and Clinton years which, by UN estimates, killed hundreds of thousands of children during the decade due to food and medical shortages and 2) US military bases throughout the region, especially OBL’s home of Saudi Arabia.

“The fundamental engine behind terrorism is not Al Queda it’s the occupation of the Middle East.” Chris Hedges explains in the video.

“They do not want us occupying Muslim soil and we would act no differently.” This very obvious statement seems to be lost due to lack of empathy for others, the inability to walk a few miles in the other peoples shoes. “To understand is not to condone what they did but if we don’t understand what makes them do it we respond in the only language they (terrorists) understand, the language of violence.”

The response was to over react. The US nearly wrecked the economic system, invaded the wrong country which ended hundreds of thousands more innocent Iraqi lives and became the “Great Satan” to the Muslim world.

The suspension of Habeas Corpus (due process for accused) and wiretapping was justified by the war on a tactic of war, terror. American rights taken away not by reason but by fear. That fear was and remains personified by Muslims. “We have done best job possible the past decade of stoking the rage and collective humiliation of Muslims.” The racist reaction was quick to ignite due to the still smoldering embers of the first black president racism fire. “The things that are said about Muslims could not be said about any other group.”

“We are dying as an empire because we have cut off the capacity for empathy.”


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May 15, 2011

Let’s Clear This Up

I was told that I was a socialist during last year’s health care debate. Just imagine, someone used this despicable, shameful term to describe lovable me. My evil socialist ideology was then directly associated with the agenda of Hitler and Nazi Germany. For those of you who just giggled here’s to you. For those who didn’t here’s your sign. Let’s clear this up.

Socialism is not Communism nor is it fascism.  Communism is a political system which stifles the competitive nature and is highly vulnerable to corruption,  a proven failure.  Socialism refers to an economic system.

There are many forms of socialism. One of those forms is called social democrat. By definition they seek to inject and reform social programs within a vigorous capitalist system. This is your typical liberal. Every successful nation has elements of both socialism and capitalism.

Conservatives subscribe to ‘trickle-down economics,’ few regulations or taxes on companies, concentrating the wealth and abolishing unions. They are corporatists.

Conservatives are blindly patriotic, to the point of accusing those who would criticize the country as un-American and chanting ‘we’re number one’ without considering if it’s factual. They are nationalists.

Conservatives generally do not favor mixing the races. They don’t want their daughter marrying a black guy for example. They are racial purists.

Cut and paste this into your search bar:

“corporatism nationalism racial purity”

The main objective of Obamacare (The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act) is to end insurance company abuses like refusing coverage for preexisting conditions. It is not socialism. Insurance companies still exist and make all their profit from health care dollars that could have gone to patient care. The system remains very capitalistic. It’s just a little more humane.

Everyone should have equal access to essential services such as police, fire, ambulance, schools, roads, etc. Health care is the most essential of services. If you want the government to test food and drugs, protect water and soil, oversee airlines safety, build hydro-electric dams, run the justice system, set standards for education, on and on, then you are a socialist by definition, at least to some extent.

Socialism is neither a scary term nor concept. We are all made anxious by the unknown. The now infamous sign “Take your government hands off my Medicare” seen at a conservative rally is indicative of my point. This person is scared to death he will lose his government run socialized medicine. So much so he is violently opposed to government run socialized medicine.

It speaks volumes about the intellectual laziness of people who would rather remain frightened than spend a few minutes researching topics they do not understand. Evil socialist liberals are scared too due to consistent ‘logic’ such as this from conservatives. We’re scared their lack of intellectual curiosity will further harm this country and the people in it.

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