Hate is Killing US

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/gdElgrrYNgI%5D
Chris Hedges speaks about how the lack of understanding is killing our nation.
Most valuable 15 min I’ve spent in awhile.

Soon after 9-11 the late bin Laden wasted little time taking responsibility and explaining the reason for his group’s actions. It wasn’t because they ‘hated us for our freedoms’ as Mr. Mission Accomplished said. The 2 main reasons as I recall were 1) the embargo of Iraq during the Bush I and Clinton years which, by UN estimates, killed hundreds of thousands of children during the decade due to food and medical shortages and 2) US military bases throughout the region, especially OBL’s home of Saudi Arabia.

“The fundamental engine behind terrorism is not Al Queda it’s the occupation of the Middle East.” Chris Hedges explains in the video.

“They do not want us occupying Muslim soil and we would act no differently.” This very obvious statement seems to be lost due to lack of empathy for others, the inability to walk a few miles in the other peoples shoes. “To understand is not to condone what they did but if we don’t understand what makes them do it we respond in the only language they (terrorists) understand, the language of violence.”

The response was to over react. The US nearly wrecked the economic system, invaded the wrong country which ended hundreds of thousands more innocent Iraqi lives and became the “Great Satan” to the Muslim world.

The suspension of Habeas Corpus (due process for accused) and wiretapping was justified by the war on a tactic of war, terror. American rights taken away not by reason but by fear. That fear was and remains personified by Muslims. “We have done best job possible the past decade of stoking the rage and collective humiliation of Muslims.” The racist reaction was quick to ignite due to the still smoldering embers of the first black president racism fire. “The things that are said about Muslims could not be said about any other group.”

“We are dying as an empire because we have cut off the capacity for empathy.”


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