Same People, Different Places

Our similarities are more numerous and important than our differences 

On a normal day most all of us climb the hill of our choosing. Something must be done and done well for us to feel satisfied and to sustain our living standard. We go to work, school, work at or from home or engage in a similar activity. We strive for goals daily, both large and small. Whatever our financial situation we know people who are less fortunate and people who are more, some are smarter, others not so much.

We can hope I suppose

Our governments are ineffective, inefficient and generally represented by power-hungry out-of-touch well-connected demigods whose primary concern is to retain their position of authority and influence. They don’t represent the people’s wishes or country’s best interests well or often enough. In many instances our governments are an embarrassment. We hope the rest of the world doesn’t judge our society from the actions of its government.


We appreciate art, music and nature. Our homes are located in a picturesque location or are a short distance from a scenic setting where we stand in awe of our mother earth’s majesty. Wherever we live is historic and interesting, its people friendly, honest and hard working. Our sports team is always superior and classier than the rivals.  We experience a range of the same emotions during similar circumstances. We all appreciate and at times must tolerate our friends and family.

Most assemble at places of worship on an assigned day to honor the religion their parents and society insists is the true one.  We’re all reasonably certain we walk the correct spiritual path and those who don’t are straying off the rightful road of virtue, some by more than others. We wonder why our ideology and customs makes so much sense to us but considered strange or evil by others.

Capitalism, drugs and transmissions

We all aspire to more, no matter how much or little we possess we want better, a better mind, body and spirit. First we want a roof then a roof that doesn’t leak. We then yearn for a roof on a bigger house, in a better location with better furnishings and better behaved children living in its rooms. Its human nature, we’re never satisfied, no one of us outside people who can’t pry the bottle or opium pipe from their lips. They seem content to allow their transmission to remain in neutral.

Everything is the same except what isn’t

We see the world through the same eyes but from different perspectives. This can be said about city and rural dwellers living just 50 km. apart or brothers who disagree politically. We all have close relationships with people of vastly differing points of view, our extended family probably the best example. We disagree with relatives at times though we share the same language, culture, ethnicity, religion and similar life experiences.  We agree with total strangers often though we share none of the above.

Endless similarities bind everyone on earth yet people tend to focus on the differences. The main difference involves history and culture; our most interesting facet. Otherwise, we’re all the same peoples living in different places.

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