Rule of the People

by guest author Zyre Mehdi

American democracy is working in the opposite direction, at least as far as its foreign policy is concerned.

It’s considered a very obvious fact that the Western nations are the flag bearers of democracy. They were the first to invent it, implement it and spread it to rest of the world. As everyone knows, democracy is the rule of people instead of a monarch, dictator or regime. In simple terms, in a perfect democracy the people would be the government. The policies of the government would be outlined according to the opinion of the people and not of only a ruling elite and if it’s not so, it wouldn’t be a “Demo-cracy” at all.

Usually it is considered a taboo to critically
analyze the western democracy,
but apparently there is no real harm.

If the Western countries have got a prefect democracy, the policies of their governments would reflect the opinion of the masses. But some serious questions arise from this hypothesis. For example if we analyze the American democracy that is supposed to be the most successful and perfect democracy of the world, was it the people’s will to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki? If someone says yes then it won’t be fair. A whole nation can never be so cruel to eliminate well populated cities off the globe. So, if it wasn’t the will of the people, whose will was it? The most apparent answer is the American government. That means the American government did something, and that was not just something, it was a huge crime against humanity, which was against the will of the Americans. Why is then the American system of government known as ‘Democratic’? If the actions of the American government are not regulated by the opinion and will of the American nation then what type of democracy is this?

Some would argue that it was a historic mistake by the American government

Yes, it could be, after all governments are run by human beings and not by angels. But how many times can a mistake be repeated? Maybe two times, or three or maybe four, and keeping in view the gravity of the mistake, it’s not supposed to be repeated even once. But what happened in the past decade? USA invaded three countries (Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya), is still invading one country (Pakistan) and apparently its planning to invade two more (Syria and Iran). All these invasions resulted in the death of thousands of human beings and fetched no significant results. Doesn’t the belief that American government follows the perfect democratic principles makes the Americans look like a Viking Nation?

As a matter of fact the Americans aren’t as blood thirsty as their government. But if they’re not, how the American government justifies its crimes against humanity in front of its people? American system is a perfectly democratic one; it’s neither a monarchy nor a fascist state. So, certainly the voice of the people counts, but that again leads to the ‘Viking Nation’ impression.

So, what’s the problem with American democracy?

Of course an American knows the best about the problems of his/her system of government, but the victims of the American aggression can also realize some of the problems that the Americans themselves might not be able to spot. America is a completely democratic state, but that is limited only to the system. In actual the policies are made by a small number of people in power and then they just mold the public opinion according to their policies.

A real democratic system is supposed to work the other way round, which means the opinion of the people should have been the guideline for policy making. So the actual problem is that the American democracy is working in the opposite direction, at least as far as its foreign policy is concerned. A peaceful nation is forced to condone the violent acts of its government, by feeding them with false information and using the filter of biased media to shape their perception.

America is just an example, this is happening in most of the Western countries that are involved in long and futile wars. All this warmongering can stop if someday the Western nations realize how their democracy has been hijacked by a bunch of influential people who are continuously committing crimes against humanity and are building a wall of hatred between the Western and Muslim world.

Zyre is a civil engineering student at the National University of Sciences and Technology in Islamabad, Pakistan
Visit his blog “Free Thoughts”
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2 Comments to “Rule of the People”

  1. Who says that the voice of people was not heard? It was officially passed in the US Congress through the representatives of people. Just because a few Americans you know are against it doesn’t make it – the point of view of majority.

    Nonetheless, the elected Government has the right to identify potential threat and tackle it whenever and in whichever manner necessary. First of all, you cannot call the military acts – a mistake. How do you think the Islamic terrorism should be tackled? Through negotiation?! Impossible. Someone has to answer them. The United States is doing something to eradicate the terrorism radiating from these Islamic nations. Let them do it. If Islamic terrorists can target innocent civilians and bombard whenever and wherever they like, why can’t the US armed forces attack their provinces and see to it that the terrorism in answered?and if ordinary people die in this battle, they should know that they themselves are the reason for the same. If they had seen to it that Zihadis did not grow, the Zihadis would not have grown to this number today. The people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq.. they all feared these 500-1000 armed men and supported them Thus, the whole world has to pay a huge price for the step these people took.

    The USA did really good and helped establish a democratic rule in Afghan… saved Iraq as well. Although the interference in Iran’s affair is unfair, there has been no conflict yet. So I don’t care unless there is a physical conflict.
    Libya war was not the US’s war alone. The people of Libya wanted it. You must understand that. If you said it was a mistake from US part to invade Pakistan, you would also care to explain what was Osama Bin Laden doing in Abottabad, in Pakistan.

    It is important in the first place to ask the Zihadis to stop their stupidity. Then it is fair to criticize the policies of the US government.

    • Of course this is not a ‘research based’ article. It’s only the opinion of someone who belongs to a nation that is being invaded. So, maybe it’s wrong, maybe the American people really wanted to kill some 9000 civilians in Afghanistan to avenge 3000 casualties of 9/11. The point only is that a whole nation can never think like this. But of course I respect your point of view as well.

      If Islamic terrorists target civilians and in response the US military also starts targeting civilians then what’s the difference? Targeting civilians is a war crime anyways. It might be interesting for you to know that terrorists have killed lesser civilians in Afghanistan than the ‘anti terrorist’ forces. No one is condoning the actions of terrorists here, but in the same manner terrorism from the other side should also be condemned.

      Besides, I acknowledge that USA is a democracy. Like you said, it was officially passed in the congress to start wars etc. The point only is that do most of the American people agree to it? Why would someone agree to kill 10 civilians for one militant anyway? And yes sometimes they do agree, but that’s when their perception is molded according to the policies of their government.

      I appreciate the establishment of democracy in Afghanistan and I believe that Afghanistan is in a better state now than it was 10 years ago. But I can’t neglect the deaths of thousands of civilians. Besides Taliban are still there, they are still strong. There is no point in assuming that Afghanistan will not go back to its previous state within some years. The Afghan war brought nothing but destruction and more extremism.

      It is always important to tell the ‘Zihadis’ to end their stupidity, and that’s the most long lasting solution of this problem. But I’ve no idea how much do you know about these people; what I know is that war can’t make them surrender. They will start an everlasting bloodshed that will grow like a snow ball and will reach the West someday. Its like hitting a bee hive. The best possible way is to educate them in a friendly manner, and most importantly teach them about their own religion. Interestingly most of them don’t know much about their religion and that’s what makes them ‘terrorists’.

      And yes you’re right, the people of the countries where terrorism exists are also responsible because they let these people grow stronger and my blog contains more criticism on the people of Pakistan than on the US government. But that doesn’t justify their killings.

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