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November 23, 2011

Heroic Battle to Save Christmas

‘Tis the season. Christmas warriors are again warning that the true meaning of the season is becoming a nostalgic thing of the past. “Remember to keep Christ in Christmas” is a popular saying this time of year. The phrase “happy holiday” is unwelcome and openly vilified by well meaning believers who fear one of the two most sacred Christian traditions is being lost in a wash of political correctness. People, whether friends, relatives or store clerk, will quickly and impatiently remind you that it’s “Merry Christmas!” if any other expression should slip the lips for a forgetful moment.

Half price halleluiah

Let’s assume that the “War on Christmas” ostensibly perpetrated by the far left and their allies, Atheists and radical Muslims, in an effort to fundamentally alter traditional American values has validity. Many think just that. The idea of Christmas has undoubtedly been under attack for many years but those secularist hippies cannot be blamed. The gross commercialization of this holy day has been wholly embraced by the white Christian culture. “Black Friday” is not the anniversary of an attack on Christmas by Muslim fanatics. Rather, it is an accurate representation of the real reason for the season.

Santa is a voyeur who watches me sleep?

Santa Clause is a magical and benevolent yet strangely disturbing character. Firstly, it’s a lie told to trusting children. It’s somewhat of a relief, however, to find out your parents are liars just knowing this mystical creature doesn’t actually know when you are sleeping, awake, bad or good for goodness sake. That’s one less set of eyes on kids at all times in addition to teachers, God, Jesus and those deceitful parents. What was the purpose, a six year-old may ask, and what else are they lying about? They must have laughed at me when I believed a 300 lb. man squeezed through the narrow chimney, about a billion times in one night.   Santa Clause is a cute concept even though it teaches kids the concept of propaganda, humiliation and skepticism.

Santa takes the Christ out of Christmas and replaces Him with another similar type figure, essentially one that is older, rounder, jollier and acclimated to cold weather.  Christian kids don’t get nearly as excited about the man of Galilee yet their parents, many of them, point to others who they claim demean Christ’s birthday by not saying Merry Christmas. They routinely say that Christmas is being taken out of schools, well, except the yearly Christmas play, parties and two-week Christmas vacation for all schools.

Sweet Baby Jesus

The saviors of Christmas might silently endure the phrase “happy holidays” if those godless, heartless, un-American civil libertarians would silently endure nativity scenes displayed on public venues. Seems innocuous enough, a manger along with the usual cast of characters adorning the library lawn for a few weeks a year. It is. It’s absolutely harmless and if other displays of religion were routinely tolerated, such as a mosque near the 9-11 Memorial, an argument, though constitutionally flawed, could be made for the manger. According to overwhelming evidence, the U.S. is a secular country therefore the pro-American stance is that church and state remain separate. It’s just a manger but it’s a founding principle that is at stake.


It’s generally those who would argue that this is a Christian nation who believes Christmas is being marginalized. Even this faction must agree that it is the Christian culture that killed Christmas long ago. There is no war to be waged. Happy Holidays everyone!

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May 30, 2011

Hate is Killing US

Chris Hedges speaks about how the lack of understanding is killing our nation.
Most valuable 15 min I’ve spent in awhile.

Soon after 9-11 the late bin Laden wasted little time taking responsibility and explaining the reason for his group’s actions. It wasn’t because they ‘hated us for our freedoms’ as Mr. Mission Accomplished said. The 2 main reasons as I recall were 1) the embargo of Iraq during the Bush I and Clinton years which, by UN estimates, killed hundreds of thousands of children during the decade due to food and medical shortages and 2) US military bases throughout the region, especially OBL’s home of Saudi Arabia.

“The fundamental engine behind terrorism is not Al Queda it’s the occupation of the Middle East.” Chris Hedges explains in the video.

“They do not want us occupying Muslim soil and we would act no differently.” This very obvious statement seems to be lost due to lack of empathy for others, the inability to walk a few miles in the other peoples shoes. “To understand is not to condone what they did but if we don’t understand what makes them do it we respond in the only language they (terrorists) understand, the language of violence.”

The response was to over react. The US nearly wrecked the economic system, invaded the wrong country which ended hundreds of thousands more innocent Iraqi lives and became the “Great Satan” to the Muslim world.

The suspension of Habeas Corpus (due process for accused) and wiretapping was justified by the war on a tactic of war, terror. American rights taken away not by reason but by fear. That fear was and remains personified by Muslims. “We have done best job possible the past decade of stoking the rage and collective humiliation of Muslims.” The racist reaction was quick to ignite due to the still smoldering embers of the first black president racism fire. “The things that are said about Muslims could not be said about any other group.”

“We are dying as an empire because we have cut off the capacity for empathy.”


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