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March 3, 2012

Iran 2012 isn’t Iraq 1981

This isn’t 1981 or Iraq. A one-time strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities won’t produce the same results and Israel would be well advised to understand the distinction.

“I don’t bluff,” is the latest volley of ever-heightening rhetoric involving Iran’s nuclear power and/or weapons program.  President Obama, his tough talk pointed toward Tehran follows strong suspicions, if not confirmation that Iran is enriching uranium to the level required for mass destruction in addition to developing missiles to deliver warheads. The recent missile tests were a tip-off.  An overreaction at this critical juncture by the western allies (Israel) in this situation may very well lead to an outcome far worse than if Iran were to become the tenth nation to possess “the bomb.” The dangers of “mad mullahs” possessing a thermonuclear device along with the means to deliver it to enemy lands (Israel) have everyone on edge, maybe Iranians most of all.

The economic sanctions applied by the U.S. and Europe have crippled the Iranian economy and more are threatened. So far the standoff of the prideful leaders has only hurt the citizens of these nations. Iran’s cost of living has skyrocketed, the value of its currency plummeted. Due to the volatility of the situation, oil speculators have pushed the price of gasoline up which is causing a domino effect on already fragile western economies. None of these hardships are being felt by those playing this global chess match.

"I don't bluff" - a 'don't test me' message to Iran and 'don't get antsy' message to Israel.

Israel feels justifiably threatened by the prospect of a nuclear capable Iran and by the noise level of its rattling saber apparently believes it can repeat the 1981 bombing run on Iraq’s nuclear facilities or 2007’s attack on a Syrian reactor, neither of which were heard from again, nice and neat. The U.N. and U.S. publically condemned Israel’s air raid on Iraq while not so privately celebrating the action. This time Israel doesn’t have a hit and run option.  Among other issues, the U.S. made GBU-28 bunker-buster bomb in Israel’s arsenal cannot penetrate anything and everything such as the 75 yards of stone encasing the centrifuges of the Fordow facility near Qom located about an hour’s drive south of Tehran. The Jerusalem Post quoted U.S. officials as saying Fordow is a “zone of immunity,” a rather eloquent way of admitting it’s safe from attack.

Iran is currently holding talks with UN inspectors and North Korea announced it is suspending its nuclear ambitions. Maybe economic sanctions do work.

Worst case scenario is the tenth country obtains “the bomb” while the west and its allies (Israel) do nothing.  Iran is an ancient society, its people cultured and intelligent, more than enough so to realize using this weapon on another nation would be suicide. They also realize Saudi Arabia would be compelled to follow suit as deterrence. Iran would be no more powerful in real terms and many more nuclear missiles would point its direction.

According to British foreign secretary William Hague a military raid would have “enormous downsides” in an apparent bid for understatement of the year. Sometimes the best course of action is to take no action at all outside employing diplomatic and economic tools. The decision making process in any circumstance involves weighing actions against consequences. In this case aggressive, military actions would certainly cause grave consequences, the scope of which can only be imagined.  No action may be the best course of action. “I don’t bluff” was a strong message sent to Israel more so than Iran. Obama’s telling Israel not to act unilaterally. This isn’t 1981 or Iraq. A one-time strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities won’t produce the same results and Israel would be well advised to understand the distinction.

January 27, 2012

Conservative Credentials

Obama can go to the left and right on the hardwood too

The liberal, socialist President as he is portrayed by those who don’t understand the terms or are deliberately trying to mislead is far too conservative on many important issues to be accurately depicted as anything but a centrist. He’s not a conservative but he’s damn sure no liberal either. Ask any liberal.

Aka: Things liberals would not do

Obama has expanded gun rights by allowing concealed weapons in national parks and has done nothing to restrict these rights by word or action. He has deported more undocumented aliens than Bush and put 1200 National Guardsmen on the border. Former international villain Dick Cheney would be proud of the war hawkish Obama. He has escalated the unnecessary and unproductive war in Afghanistan and supports the intrusive PATRIOT Act in addition to several other Bush era policies that make liberals bristle.

Soon after taking office Obama decided to disallow Guantanamo inmates and other “enemy combatant’s” the right to legal representation or a speedy trial then explicitly authorized the CIA to continue its torture techniques (“extraordinary renditions”) on prisoners located in other countries. Obama has openly defended the cruel treatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the alleged Wiki-Leaks whistleblower. Manning was held for 10 months in solitary confinement, submitted to nude daily inspections and could not exercise in his cell.

Last month Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act which allows the Government to arrest anyone anywhere in the world and imprison them without trial based solely on suspicion of terrorism-related activity. This includes American citizens. The electronic surveillance and data-mining activities of the Bush administration continue to this day. Obama has promised to veto any bill that subjects his surveillance activities to additional congressional oversight.

Ronald Wilson Hussein Obama

Obama has promoted and encouraged capitalism by implementing Obamacare and the GM bailout despite the loud objections of conservatives. Liberals want universal health care; the single payer (government) 100 percent socialized system. Obamacare doesn’t include the public option, the only socialist aspect of the original plan and the insurance mandate is a windfall for health insurance companies. GM has paid back most of the loan with interest and many thousands of good paying jobs were saved along with half of the U.S. auto industry. These are stellar examples of how government can encourage capitalist ventures which conservatives would likely be for if Obama were not.

Schwarzkopf wasn’t a tree-hugger either

Within one year Obama authorized twice the number of drone attacks than Bush did during his entire presidency. He gave the orders to kill Somali pirates along with U.S. enemy number one Osama bin Laden. Another Al Qaeda leader, Anwar al-Awlaki was killed recently joining a long list of other terrorist leaders. Obama repeatedly calls for more nuclear power plants and plans to open immense areas of the Gulf of Mexico and coastal Alaskan waters for oil and natural gas drilling. This plan expands drilling far beyond what Bush had attempted to do. The President gets high marks for foreign affairs and homeland security but a mediocre grade for the ecosystem. Not the change draft-dodging hippie environmentalists were looking for.

Obama was successful in angering the right wing even before he took office or implemented a policy and the left wing soon afterward. He is the adult in the room, the centrist. It is aggravating for both sides but is the best strategy for effective leadership especially given the deep political divide present in the country.

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